Infragistics WPF controls

Implementing a re-sizable composite view user interface using the MVVM pattern, the GridSplitter, and WPF UserControls.

  A composite view user interface In the world of WPF, the Model-View-ViewModel pattern is a great way to separate your UI from your business logic.  This decoupling allows you to easily unit test your code.  When implemented correctly, the MVVM pattern promotes a view agnostic stru... [More]

WPF Snoop: A must have tool for WPF development.

WPF Snoop: A WPF developers dream WPF is the latest development methodology for developing Windows Desktop applications.  If you come from a WinForms background, there is a considerably steep learning curve that comes along with WPF.  This is in part due to the nature of the XAML declarat... [More]

Introducing System.Threading.Tasks namespace. Exploring Action<>, Task<>, and the BusyIndicator.

Introduction The Microsoft .NET framework class library has provided many classes to facilitate complex programming tasks.  Topics like I/O, database management, and sockets were once incredibly tough to implement in languages like C, C++ and VB6.  When .NET was released, it brought with ... [More]

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