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Monitor your website with GotSiteMonitor

Ever wonder what your site's uptime numbers really look like? I'm a blogger and it's extremely important for me that when a user visits my site, they aren't greeted with a nasty error page.  My web hosting company is great, and they do provide me with access to server logs, but who wants to sp... [More]

C# 5.0: INotifyPropertyChanged with the [CallerMemberName] attribute

WPF/Silverlight and the INotifyPropertyChanged interface Greetings and welcome to another post on Today's topic is about an interface that all WPF and Silverlight developers have grown to love.  The INotifyPropertyChanged interface facilitates notifying the data binding mech... [More]

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My name is Buddy James.  I'm a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer from the Nashville, TN area.  I'm a Software Engineer, an author, a blogger (, a mentor, a thought leader, a technologist, a data scientist, and a husband.  I enjoy working with design patterns, data mining, c#, WPF, Silverlight, WinRT, XAML, ASP.NET, python, CouchDB, RavenDB, Hadoop, Android(MonoDroid), iOS (MonoTouch), and Machine Learning. I love technology and I love to develop software, collect data, analyze the data, and learn from the data.  When I'm not coding,  I'm determined to make a difference in the world by using data and machine learning techniques. (follow me at @budbjames).  

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