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Implementing a re-sizable composite view user interface using the MVVM pattern, the GridSplitter, and WPF UserControls.

  A composite view user interface In the world of WPF, the Model-View-ViewModel pattern is a great way to separate your UI from your business logic.  This decoupling allows you to easily unit test your code.  When implemented correctly, the MVVM pattern promotes a view agnostic stru... [More]

WPF Snoop: A must have tool for WPF development.

WPF Snoop: A WPF developers dream WPF is the latest development methodology for developing Windows Desktop applications.  If you come from a WinForms background, there is a considerably steep learning curve that comes along with WPF.  This is in part due to the nature of the XAML declarat... [More]

Introducing System.Threading.Tasks namespace. Exploring Action<>, Task<>, and the BusyIndicator.

Introduction The Microsoft .NET framework class library has provided many classes to facilitate complex programming tasks.  Topics like I/O, database management, and sockets were once incredibly tough to implement in languages like C, C++ and VB6.  When .NET was released, it brought with ... [More]

How to keep your WPF UI responsive and report progress during a long running task. C# and asynchronous multithreading.

    The problem Have you ever had to execute a bit of code that took an extremely long time to complete?  If so, I'm sure you've noticed that your user interface becomes unresponsive.  You can't use any controls on the form until the process completes.  This is extremely ... [More]

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